Saturday, January 21, 2012
There are times where all the hard work, sweat, grinding and polishing add up to a moment where you're truly overwhelmed. For us, that moment was this weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Barrett-Jackson auction. Ed's Lockheed Lakester went across the block around noon with no reserve. After what seemed like the longest minute in human history, the hammer came down at an astonishing $170,000. You can watch the bidding reach a frenzy below.

Speed Channel featured the Lakester in a short bit called "Something Different" with Justin Bell.

Autoblog summed up the moment with the following article:

"In the sea of muscle cars and hot rods here at Barrett-Jackson, this streamlined chrome roadster really stood out as being truly unique. Constructed from the wing tip tank of a Lockheed Super Constellation airplane, the "Lockheed Lakester" is built to resemble a vintage salt flat racer and features a variety of aviation-sourced parts including gunner seats in the cockpit, a vintage airplane steering wheel and an air speed indicator instead of a speedometer. Powering the roadster is a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder mated to a 5-speed manual.

We had no idea what this type of car is worth given that there's nothing really to compare it with, but there was plenty of interest in the vehicle and bidding quickly rose past the six figure mark, eventually resting at $170,000. With auction fees included, the final selling price was $187,000."

Read the article on Autoblog here.

Needless to say we were flattered by the coverage in two of the automotive industry's premiere news sources. However hte weekend didn't stop there. Ed and Eddie got a chance to show the vehicle to master builder and designer Chip Foose.

The Lakester's flawlessly polished body captured the attention of Berry Meguiar, president of Meguiar's car care products.

Even racing legend Parnelli Jones stopped by to chat with Ed and Eddie about the Lakester.

While we're sad to see the Lockheed Lakester go, we couldn't imagine a better home for it than with its new owner Bob Johnson, and we couldn't imagine a better send-off party than Barrett-Jackson. We're looking forward to returning to Scottsdale and the excitement of the auction next year.

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