Tuesday, January 28, 2014
With all the new projects rolling in lately, things were getting a little cramped around the shop. In order to give our staff more space and keep the separate phases of a project contained to their own areas, we decided to expand the shop facilities.

Previously the shop was divided into three areas. First is our lobby and showroom at the front where our customers can come in, look around, and have a chat. Next door is the large bay where we do most of the repair work and assembly. And finally towards the west end of the shop was our combination metal fabrication and paint booth area. You could categorize them respectively as "squeaky clean", "relatively clean" and "downright dirty".

The new expansion builds into the parking lot from the main building. It encompasses approximately 2200 Sq. feet and is loaded with tons of new equipment including a rotisserie for 360 degree access and a new pipe bender amongst others. With the new dedicated metal fabrication facility, McClain and Mike have the space to focus on top quality work without tripping over Ben and Joe. The neighboring spaces share a common door as well making the transition from fabrication to body work a breeze. The body shop area now enjoys the space vacated by the fabrication team making the logistics of getting cars in and out of the paint booth a whole lot easier.

Check out the pictures of the new space below, and feel free to stop in and take a look for yourself.